About us

Renowned, innovative Pharmaceuticals.

Constantly building upon our extensive knowledge of the Chinese market, our company runs its own research and development teams, which are capable of continuously meeting the challenges of complex Multi Stage Chemistry.

Top quality since 1995.

Since starting off in 1995 as the first Active Pharma Ingredi­ent manufacturer in Hong Kong, we are proud of our constant growth.

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    Foundation of PEN TSAO in Hong Kong as private owned company.

  • Hexagon graphic 1996

    Operations moved to Shanghai.

  • Hexagon graphic 2004

    First foreign enterprise in Shanghai granted GMP-status.

  • Hexagon graphic 2012

    First WHO pre-qualified supplier of MDR-tuberculosis drugs.

  • Hexagon graphic 2017

    New site in Pinghu (Zhejiang province) acquired.

  • Hexagon graphic 2019

    Foundation of RODALLIS BioPharma Co. Ltd.

  • Hexagon graphic 2024

    Rodallis becomes operational.

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Recent Inspections

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Partners from three countries.

While under German management, the PEN TSAO Group is owned by private partners from Hong Kong, Switzerland and Germany.

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Operating in three locations.

Besides our original location in Hong Kong, where the PEN TSAO Group was founded and is managed from, our production locations are divided into two seperate sites:

Baoshan site (Shanghai)

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    Area of 11.000 m²

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    35 km from Hongqiao Hub

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    45 km from Pudong Intl. Airport

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    56 m³ reactor volume, completed with solid/liquid separation, over 800 different compounds synthezised and more than 150 of them commercialized

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    Waste water and waste gas treatment facilities

Pinghu site (Dushan Port, Zhejiang)

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    Area of 33.300 m² (+ 16.600 m² for extension)

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    65 km from Hongqiao Hub

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    90 km from Pudong Intl. Airport

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    3 km south of Shanghai Jinshan Chemical Park

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    API production: 218 m³ reactor volume,

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    Multi Purpose OSD facility: 70 t Formulations